Choice Programs - Art Houses of Plumosa

This School Year 2022-2023, We have embarked on a New Journey as it pertains to Campus Life and Culture. Our Principal, Mrs. Ronda Smith and the Administrative Team have nurtured and developed our version of a recently popular method in Schools nationwide that focuses in Positive Behavior, Restorative Justice and Positive Reinforcement for Student Success!

We have taken our Choice Programs and entangled them with our Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS); as well as borrowing a successful concept that has been around for centuries, primarily in European Education, known well as a House System and made it our own! 

Below, You will find the Many Choice Options Plumosa School of the Arts has to Offer! 

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Dance Program     Vocal Program     

 Strings Program        Piano Program

Graphic Design Program        TV Production Program

Theatre Program        Visual Arts Program

Band Program        Kindergarten through 2nd Grade